What's VHAB?


Twenty years ago I was a doctor in the O.R., but I had a big problem that I just couldn't shake: a fentanyl addiction. I was a new and young back then, and after what I thought would be brief experimentation, I was hooked and didn't know how to stop. Luckily, and really only because I was a doctor, I had access to the most successful addiction treatment program ever devised. While most treatment programs don't even report their results, the one I was in saved 4 out of 5 doctors.

Getting sober had such a profound impact on my life, that even though I went back to work in the same hospital for several years, I later changed careers and got certified as an Addiction Medicine Physician.

I moved back to my home-town, and went to work in the glitzy rehabs of Southern California. I loved helping people out of the same jam I was in just a few years before. At first I was excited to be working with other treatment professionals. But then I started to notice problems.

Most of the patients wouldn't stay sober long after they finished treatment: only around one in ten. There were other problems too. Some of the facility owners had their hearts in the right place, but many were only interested in milking the insurance benefits of their customers. 

I had real doubts about any of the traditional treatment facilities being able to achieve anything close to the results of the doctor program. I tried to bring the wisdom and approach to helping people the same way I was helped, but I realized it just can't be done in the usual treatment setting. True, some people made it, but over 90% failed.

I left the rehabs and built my own team of expert doctors and therapists. I wanted to recreate the same outcome so graciously provided to me. And you know what? We did. We went the opposite way an took care of people who can't, won't, or shouldn't go to rehab. They were mothers with children at home. People who'd been before -- often multiple times -- and didn't want to waste any more money & time. And people who were powerful and well-known. Rehab for them is a circus.

Instead of hiding them away in a fancy house or hospital mental health ward, we went to their homes. Here is where the magic happened. We integrated specific help with their real-life problems, in real time. We taught them not just how to stop drinking and using drugs, but how to deal with the troubled minds that sought relief in the bottle. 

Sure, who else can afford to have a doctor come to the house, bring his staff of nurses and therapists, and even travel around the world and still get help? But we did it. We took scientific principles, proven to be the best at changing the course of addiction, and we got the same results for people who aren't doctors. There was only one thing left to do: make it affordable for everyone who wanted help. Until recent advances in smartphones, data flows, and mathematics, it just wasn't possible.

Over the last two years, my team and I have been developing a digital helper program that takes all we know about how to help people and gives them the tools to change their lives.

VHAB is a new kind of help that  is sometimes referred to as a "Digital Therapeutic." 

Keeping it simple, VHAB is an application or app, a program you use on your phone or computer to help you evaluate and change your relationship to drinking.

It consists of a daily "visit" with the doctor, that's me, where in a few minutes of video, I'll take you through and teach you the same information you would get in a high end rehab. Scratch that, better information. I share with you what worked for my celebrity and high-roller patients, and what's kept me clean and sober for twenty years in a row.

Fast forward to today.

Our team is assembling the program and we are almost ready to share it with people who want help, but don't want to spend a fortune and go away to receive help.

Some of my friends told me I shouldn't even put this invitation out there yet, because we are still in the development and testing phase of the app. I'm doing it anyway. We aren't ready to offer the VHAB app system to people, because it's still being built. We have the blueprint though, and it's going to be amazing when it's done.

Private evaluation and help to change your drinking and using habits, that goes on your phone, costs a tiny fraction of a rehab bill, is based on the most successful program in history of its kind, and nobody has to know you're working on it.

We're going to make a lot of treatment facilities mad but we're going to help a lot of people. Even better, since most people with this problem don't ever go to treatment, we will finally have an affordable option they can begin immediately.

If you've been thinking about changing your relationship to drinking, but you can't, won't, or shouldn't go to rehab, then you will love VHAB when it's released later this year.

If you feel  like you've been drifting without a plan, if you want a true understanding of the drinking habit and how it becomes a problem, and if you're not into the shame and stigma of everyone thinking something's wrong with you, then you should check out VHAB right now. 

Remember, we are at pre-launch, but it will be available soon. Here'’ a preview of the VHAB launch list. If these are the kind of things that interest you, then you will want to click the link and get the tool. 

-Avoid embarrassing trip to rehab 

-Save the staggering expense of rehab

-Remain in your home/work/life while taking control of the problem

-Save a fortune on additional treatment costs

-Support your own sense of command and control over your life

-Make your spouse or S.O. and family proud of you again

-Improve your health

Then you definitely should take the time to learn about the VHAB plan. 

Click this link and send in your email address so we can let you know when VHAB is ready for launch. If you like what you've been reading in this ad, and you want to get control of your drinking or using once and for all, type in your best email address and we'll tell you when VHAB is ready. 

If you're a smart person who wants to learn how to cut back on you drinking, and you're not someone who wants to go to rehab, then I want you to click the link and get on the interested-in-VHAB list.
Click the link to get on the VHAB interest list. When you do, I'll send you one tool you can use to determine if you even need VHAB. The tool is free. It's my way to say thank you for your time and to help you realize that control is an inside job.

To your health!

Jason Giles M.D.
Founder, VHAB


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