Addiction Doctor Says

"Not All Addicts Should go to Rehab"

People Already Know

Rehab has a very low success rate.

And yet almost 200,000 people a year die of drugs or alcohol. 
They want help but 9 of 10 don't go, and there is good information you can get in rehab.
The real tragedy?
The information is locked up behind the rehab doors.
Some people need inpatient help, but most can turn things around without it, maybe you're one of them.
I'm an addiction M.D., and it's time to stop making people go into rehab when they just want help to change.

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All treatment programs, in and out patient, want you to admit you have a disease. 
We think this keeps a lot of people away from getting help to change.


Inpatient programs (for advanced cases) are thirty days.
Most people can't afford to be away from their life and work for that long. Can you?


The average out-of-pocket cost for rehab is $27,000.
That's in addition to the time off work and everyone knowing why you're away. Only 10% of people who need help can afford to go to rehab.

Wait, how do I know if I need this?

You have to decide for yourself. There's good news though. Here's a FREE self-assessment tool and informational video. It will help you decide if the time is right for a change. Click the button.


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