It's Time for a Change

VHAB is a private, digital program, created by Jason Giles MD. It's for people who want to change their relationship to alcohol and drugs, and who want to skip the cost, time and embarrassment of rehab. 

Message from VHAB's Founder, Dr. Giles

In this short message from our founder, Dr. Giles tells a bit of his story, why he changed careers, and how VHAB works.


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I'll be back if things get worse

VHAB is the Ultimate in Privacy

Doctors have access to a special program in case we develop a drinking or drug problem. It has the highest success rate in the world, not kidding, over 80%. Dr. Giles went through it, stayed clean & sober for 20+ years, and now he brings it to you, on your smartphone or computer, in private.


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If VHAB was around when I was struggling with drugs and alcohol, I'd definitely have done it.